A Student’s Worst Nightmare


As you may or may not know (or have guessed by now) I am a student. And as a student, I have a very special set of triggers that set off fears and anxiety while I’m sleeping.

Apparently those fears involve running out of contact solution, and I couldn’t get back to sleep unless I checked that I had enough solution to wear my contacts for another day.

Not the $500+ speeding ticket that was so graciously bestowed upon me on my way to spring break, or even my normal fears of (very VERY vivid) spiders crawling on the walls.

My eyesight and ability to see a whiteboard is the most important thing to me right now. If I have to use my glasses, two things will happen:

(1) my field of vision will be reduced to a visual angle of approximately 1 degree and

(2) my too-long eyelashes will deposit mascara film all over my lenses, ruining the said 1 degree of visual angle.

These could mean failure. FAILURE I TELL YOU (or I’ll miss a few points from the powerpoints).

However, while my sleeping mind (she should have a name by now, shouldn’t she?) was wise in making sure I had enough contact solution, she forgot the one thing more important than my vision.



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